Fun with Dad! (Class of ‘04)

Davidson Game Changers. Inspiring leaders to transform the world. We’ve all heard about them. We’ve seen their faces plastered on posters across campus, their words of wisdom italicized throughout promotional materials. They’ve done a lot of amazing things for both Davidson and the world. That being said, we worry that the outpouring of public praise for the Game Changers, with all their enviable success and inimitable clout, might alienate the smaller achievements of the thousands of ordinary, oft-overlooked alumni. Enter Davidson Benchwarmers.

For every successful entrepreneur trying to find a solution to one of the world’s biggest problems, there’s an overworked regional sales manager just trying to find her keys (she could’ve sworn she saw them like ten minutes ago too). For every crusading politico setting out to fix American democracy, there’s an exhausted accountant fixing his 7-year old son’s error-ridden book report on Charlotte’s Web (Timmy is more of a visual learner). For every NBA 3-point record holder, there’s a Dave & Buster’s pop-a-shot high score holder (58 in a row… good lord).

Davidson Benchwarmers is a campaign to recognize the everyday greatness of the common alumni. It is founded on the premise that all achievements are worth celebrating, not just those that make for good headlines in marketing campaigns. As the voice of the campus commoner, The Yowl feels that it is our duty to uphold the hundreds of alumni whose daily triumphs may never make it on The Davidson Daily. Call us old fashioned, but if Joe McDonough ‘97 bundles his home and auto insurance with Progressive, then we want to see some content posted about it. We stan a frugal legend, Joe.

Speak your truth, graduates of Davidson. We want to know who deserves to be recognized. Did a friend from your eating house back in the ‘90s just coach her daughter’s team to a 3-2 victory over The Dragons in a DC suburb’s under-6 youth soccer championship? Send us that! We’ll recap the game! Did your buddy from the class of ‘09 get his picture put on a wall at a Nashville-area dive bar for eating over 50 hot wings? Give us the details! That’s the type of patented Davidson work ethic people need to be hearing more about! Maybe you won five straight games of Solitaire while bored at work. We’ll publish the screenshots! Let’s give your disciplined and creative mind the shout out it deserves!