Kat Soltany ‘22 performing with the Delilahs. Photo provided bu Kat Soltany ‘22. 

The transition from making music in high school to making music in college wasn’t jarring for me. I went from one women’s acapella group to another women’s a  capella group and this consistency helped me to feel more grounded while integrating into the Davidson community. 

I’ve found that holding artistic responsibilities in both high school and at Davidson provided me with more structure and motivation to achieve my best work in all areas of my life. In the case of the Delilahs, the accountability of practicing our music inside and outside rehearsals allows me to actively participate and positively impact the group. Without structure, we would not be able to refine the pieces we perform. 

I first joined a capella on a whim my sophomore year of high school. I’m not sure what spurred me to audition, but by some miracle I was accepted and began my journey in music. I started my Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7:05am singing scales to warm up before we dove into learning new music for a variety of concerts. I absolutely loved it. Everyone in that room shared the same love for singing as I did and our choral director inspired us to bring passion and emotion into our performances.

After graduating, I knew I wanted to continue a capella in college. I auditioned for both the Delilahs and the Nuances and joined the Delilahs. Although co-ed groups possess a different, more holistic sound than we do, I have enjoyed every moment of rehearsing and performing with the Delilah women. 

There’s a certain type of sisterhood formed when we all practice together, and performing has an even stronger effect. This year in particular, we’ve loosened up on stage and performing has become more exciting than stressful. Personally, concerts are my favorite part of the Delilahs because we have the opportunity to show the student body everything we’ve been working on for the past months.

Inside the group, I’ve taken a more artistic route. As publicity chair, I make the posters that hang inside our Student Union when we have an upcoming gig or concert. Even though the process can take over an hour, I find the painting very therapeutic. Having a scheduled break from studying provides me with a creative outlet to toy with my calligraphy and painting skills. Although music theory is not my forte, I’ve found the posters showcase my strengths more than arranging music.

In high school, I practiced with my group for 2 hours a week. At Davidson, we rehearse for 4 hours a week in 2-hour periods. At first, it was a major adjustment, but after a little while I quickly grew accustomed to the longer rehearsals.The time commitment has never seemed daunting compared to the rest of my school work because I knew it would be a commitment when I auditioned. 

When joining any group, there’s a sense of obligation where you hold yourself accountable to doing the work in full. My respect for the Delilah women encompasses showing up to rehearsal, actively working with my peers to learn music, bringing energy to practices and performances, and so much more. 

Accountability is a fundamental part of the group, because we can only be as strong as the work we put in inside and outside the Sloan 100 room. When cultivating a more cohesive and blended sound, everyone must put in an equal amount of effort to make sure we can reach our fullest potential as a group. 

In the end, I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunities and creative outlets the Delilahs have brought me. When it comes down to it, we’re more than just a group of singing women – we’re real friends I know I could trust any of them to support me at any time. That is why I love the Delilahs.

Kat Soltany ‘22 is an intended Environmental Studies Major  from McLean, VA. She can be reached for comment at kasoltany@davidson.edu