by Nora Klein ’24 (she/ her)

This spring’s first mid-semester break began Wednesday, March 3rd and will end Thursday, March 4th. Photo by Mary Shandley ’23.

A two-day break in the middle of the week may not seem like much, but there are so many things to do around campus to safely have fun, hang out, and recharge. Embrace the extra time to do the things you haven’t had a chance to lately, whether it’s participating in outdoor games or taking the extra opportunities to sleep in. And in case you haven’t heard about things planned around campus or are looking for fun ways to fill your (wonderfully free) time, here are a few ideas to get you started!

#1 – Look out for things happening around campus

Union Board has been working to make sure there will be a variety of things to do around campus for this midweek break, so find them for some great times. There will be lawn games for those that enjoy a more active kind of fun, and food trucks for anyone needing some delicious free food. Use these activities to take your mind off work for a while and socialize in a safe way!

#2 – Drop in on a PE Class

Attending a PE class could be a great way to release some stress from the past few weeks and help you have a more productive, happy break. There are classes during the break that don’t even require registration, so if you’re looking for a last-minute good time, this is a great option for you. Attend boot camp on Wednesday at noon to work up a sweat with the one and only Sandy Helfgott, or dance it out at cardio dance on Thursday at 5:00 in the Baker Parking Lot. There are also lots of pre-recorded yoga, meditation, and general fitness videos available through the Physical Education, Recreation, and Wellness website if the drop-in classes aren’t exactly what you’re looking for.

#3 – Check out equipment for some outdoor fun

Over the break, you’ll be able to check out equipment from the Baker front desk including footballs, frisbees, cornhole, and Spikeball. Take advantage of the opportunity to have some socially-distant great times playing games with your friends around campus, maybe on Chambers lawn. Bringing a speaker to play some music can make things even more fun!

#4 – Have a picnic or take a walk

The weather should be especially nice on Thursday, so a picnic or walk that day is a great way to hang out with your friends or reconnect with someone you haven’t seen in a while! You can go grab food — maybe from the aforementioned food trucks — and rent a picnic blanket from Union to enjoy the fresh air. The paths around campus or the cross country trails are also a great place to enjoy the outdoors, either with your friends or just for a solitary walk to have some time to yourself. Consider walking to the lakefront of Lake Norman or walking around the town of Davidson on streets you’ve never been before!

#6 – Watch a movie

Outdoor activities might not always be possible over the break because of the unrelenting rain we’ve had recently (but who knows? Maybe you can also try something new like dancing in the rain). However, there are still fun activities you can do, such as watching a movie with your friends! Check out some of the new March arrivals on streaming sites, rewatch an old favorite, or pick a random movie from Davidson’s free movie streaming site. You can even grab some popcorn and other movie snacks from Commons Market.

#7 – Read a book

Is the book actually better than the movie? You can use the break to find out! Put your textbooks down and catch up on all the recreational reading you haven’t had time for recently, and maybe even take your book outside when the weather is nice.

#8 – Catch up on sleep

The break isn’t just about having fun: make sure you also take the chance to give yourself some much-deserved rest. Whether that means taking a few naps, making an effort to go to bed earlier, or sleeping-in, definitely use the break as an opportunity to recover from those all-nighters.

Whatever you decide, do the things you love! You can never go wrong with that, and this break is about checking-in with yourself and doing whatever you need to have a safe, enjoyable, relaxing couple of days.