Carr Kinsey

Staff Writer

Davidson’s biggest campus events, from Winterfest to Spring Frolics, come with all the showy trappings of months of planning. These events are the ones students think of when they think of the Union Board (UB) — the organization with the power to bring inflatable slides and funnel cakes to campus. Their mission, however, extends beyond the debauchery of Frolics. Working year-round to organize a wide variety of events, Union Board keeps one purpose in mind: “We see ourselves as primarily community builders on campus… bringing people together with the hope of creating commonality,” Gabrielle Garrard `16, UB Vice President, said. Union Board organizes a huge number of events with the aim of entertaining the campus and building community. While they get recognition from the student body for the big-ticket items like Winterfest and Frolics, they get less credit for an assortment of smaller productions. These smaller productions, put on by UB’s various committees, include everything from weekly productions like Live Thursday and Trivia Night to ice cream socials and movie screenings. The productions are the brainchildren of committees, the groups that create the ideas and turn them into events. Members of the committees get ideas for these events from other organizations or from consulting with students. Once a committee feels that the idea has been sufficiently developed, the committee chair presents the event plan to the full board — complete with budget, scheduling and other logistics. Once the proposal is introduced, the Union Board discusses the idea and votes on whether or not to make it an event. In order for the event to receive the blessing of the Union Board, all 16 members must unanimously decide to allocate resources, financial and otherwise, to the project. Garrard emphasized that UB focuses heavily on being fiscally responsible with their money — especially since their funds come from student activity fees. The President and Vice President of the Union Board lead board meetings and consult with advisors in addition to chairing the Winterfest, Special Events and Spring Frolics Committees. Also, the incoming President and Vice President select the entering Union Board Committee Chairs. From there, however, the decisions regarding how the individual committees are run are up to the committee chairs. Committee chairs hold regular committee meetings, run all of the committee’s events from set up to clean up, and participate in all other Union Board events. The Union Board is always changing and evolving as an organization. Over UB’s 59-year history, the board has given birth to many Davidson organizations such as Davidson Outdoors and the Davidson Women’s Action Committee. One major reason that the board evolves so quickly is that the leadership for each committee changes annually. With each new member, Union Board gains new ideas and new perspectives that help to change its course. “Our aim is to provide collaborative and innovative programming to unite the diverse community of Davidson College,” said Lauren Schassberger, President of the Union Board, who encourages students to offer positive and constructive feedback after events.