Davidson College takes pride in its ability to shape its students into educated, innovative, and progressive leaders. From 11:30 a.m. to 12:20 p.m, Patricia Ruback ‘18 exemplified this vision. Ruback reportedly remained attentive until her Gender and Sexuality (GSS) class was dismissed, citing a brief group discussion about systematic oppression as the main catalyst for her sudden urge to change the world.

“I don’t know what came over me,” the newly-minted activist mused, “Jim told us a story about how once someone assumed he couldn’t speak English because of his last name, and it suddenly just clicked. In that moment, I knew I would devote my life to activism and charity.”

Students noted that their enlightened peer spoke at least three times during the short class period.

“Yeah, usually Patty just texts her boyfriend on iMessages during class, but today she closed her laptop and everything. She said something piggybacking off of what Liz said, then she expanded on Rachel’s comment in what she described as ‘a more nuanced way’. Later she asked for clarification on the report we have due next week.” noted classmate Louis Mackrel ‘16.

Ruback not only contributed to the class discussion, but also demonstrated her attentiveness by punctuating her classmates’ points with vigorous head nods and murmurings of  “mmhmm.”

“I don’t think she stopped nodding once during my comment about dismantling the patriarchy,” confessed Yasmina Sadek ‘17, “It was sort of concerning. I thought she might get whiplash.”

“I’ve never actually done the readings for GSS, but today I skimmed them right before class began and I think that really helped,” said Ruback. “When the bell rang, I had every intention of writing a letter to my congressman, or at the very least posting a long Facebook status decrying the concept of gender.”

After class, Ruback headed to Vail Commons for lunch, where sources overheard her struggling to explain the concept of intersectionality to her boyfriend before conceding that it was “sort of hard to describe” and changing the subject to weekend plans.