PATTERSON COURT –– Recent Facebook posts advertising a watershed philanthropic event to be co-hosted by all of Davidson’s fraternities this Easter Sunday have gained nationwide attention this past week. 

“Keystones for the Kids,” to be held on Easter Sunday from 9-11 AM, has been marketed as a spin-off Easter egg hunt involving an underutilized resource that all the organizations have in excess––empty cans of Keystone Light. “It’s recycling, it’s for a great cause, and it’s fun for the whole family,” said Sigma Alpha Epsilon social chair Chad Kennedy ‘21. 

 Sources tell The Yowl that each of Davidson’s nine fraternities contributed 50 empty cans to the cause. The 450 Keystone “eggs” will be hidden and scattered all across Patterson Court, on porches, and in trees. The effort is being heralded as an innovative modern adaptation of a classic pastime, one in which Davidson’s fraternal entities all felt inclined to rally behind. 

 “We at SigEp are always down to help the kids,” remarked Sigma Phi Epsilon President Mike Adams ‘20, “donating some old Keystone cans was the least we could do.” 

As of press time, over 5,000 people from around campus, the Davidson community, and the Greater Charlotte area had made donations to a GoFundMe page dedicated to Keystones for the Kids. Kappa Sigma Philanthropy Chair Colin Weeden ‘21 commented on the surprisingly viral campaign, “It’s truly incredible how people jumped onboard once they saw this event being shared around on social media. It really speaks to the power of the human spirit and the compassion of the individual.” 

 The hunt is set to begin at precisely 9:30 and last until 10:30, with refreshments and a live performance from Catfish Disco to follow. Prizes ranging from baby bottle-koozies to XXS formal shirts to the bestseller “Fraternal EDU: How to Start Preparing Your Child into for Pledgeship Today” will be awarded to the families whose children collect the most cans. All proceeds from the event will go to the kids (nobody contacted by The Yowl was able to elaborate any further).

Following the Keystone hunt and the post-event awards and festivities, parents and children will have the opportunity to stick around to paint and decorate the repurposed beer cans with the assistance of fraternity members who are behind on their service hours. “I’ll be there painting with the kids all afternoon if I have to,” said newly-initiated Kappa Alpha brother Liam Owens ‘22, who still needs 10 service hours before the end of the semester.

 Unconfirmed reports also claim that a singular White Claw can will be hidden among the Keystones. Sources tell The Yowl that the child who discovers this de facto golden egg will receive a preemptive bid on the spot.