Colleen Karlovich

Staff Writer

The Davidson community is in for a treat this week, as the first Theatre Department performance of the 2016, “Eurydice,” opens today. It will run through Sunday, February 21.

“Eurydice,” written by Sarah Ruhl, is a heart-wrenching tale of a heroine named Eurydice, who is played by Savannah Deal ‘18. The young, love-struck bride falls to her death on her wedding day; wrought with sorrow, her husband Orpheus (Cy Ferguson ‘16), a dreamyeyed musician, embarks on a mission to find his wife.

During her adventure in the Underworld, Eurydice is introduced to the Stones: the Big Stone (America Bautista-Barcenas ’18), the Little Stone (Clarise Ballesteros ’16), and the Loud Stone (Sophie McHugh ’18). Eurydice is also reunited with her departed father (Collin Epstein ’18), who acts as her caring and patient guide as she navigates her new surroundings. Later, she meets the Lord of the Underworld (Ryan Rotella ’17), a slimy man who wished to marry Eurydice prior to his death.

This performance is filled with laughter and joy, but also features several moments of despair and longing. Matthew Schlerf ’16, the director, has worked tirelessly on the play for over a year, perfecting each scene and scrutinizing every line delivered by the cast. Schlerf ’s hard work is evidenced throughout the performance, and his creative use of light and space provokes and intrigues audience members. Additionally, Chris Timmons designed an excellent stage set. The performance as a whole was a stellar showcase of emotion and energy.