Did Frolics Deflate with Inflatables Choice? A Yowl Perspectives Piece (Also, Introducing Yowl Perspectives)

Coming to a department store near you! The Yowl Perspectives is a new series that we will be featuring each week for the rest of the year. In Yowl Perspectives we invite our fellow peers to speak your truth. Unless that truth is a defense of potato coins. In that case, you’re a f*cking idiot who deserves their First Amendment to be removed until further notice. Serious inquiries only. Reach out to yourmomsyowltown@davidson.edu.

This weekend Davidson students took some time off from developing their talents for lives of leadership and service, being intellectually curious, or dedicatedly working ahead on finals projects in order to attend a small event on campus called “Frolics”.

Very few students know about the “Frolics hack,” an event where the school provides students with opportunities to receive free food, a chance to enter a universe where only off-brand versions of your favorite artist exist….and inflatables on the Patterson Court Lawn. But were there really inflatables to be “offered?”

For weeks now the school has flooded campus with emails and posters detailing the events at Frolics. Continuously, the promise for “inflatables” was made to students, as they have made appearances at Frolics in years past. Yet, has anyone really ever discussed these “inflatables” and their value? If you were one of the few in attendance at Frolics, in the midst of the haze, did you even stop for a second to reflect upon the inflatables that were given to us?

There were three options on campus this past Saturday. Number one was a subpar obstacle course. The course was merely a couple of yards, on a one level stretch––with what? A ladder? Where were the hot and sticky tunnel-tubes to get into the course? Where were the mock-punching bags that I was once learned to conquer in my youth? Where were they Davidson, WHERE WERE THEY? [Angry proclamations, especially those unsubstantiated with evidence, are encouraged in Yowl Perspectives]

The next option was an advanced counterpart to the obstacle course. But what? What is this? A pool of below-freezing temperature water waiting for me at the end of my inflatable journey? I do not think so Davidson. You are telling me that in order to enjoy a real obstacle course I must either sacrifice my instagramable outfit for the day or try to stumble back to my place of residence to scrounger for a bathing suit. I am appalled. 

And finally number three, the enlarged tether ball inflatable. The one thing Davidson College was able to do correctly with their choice of inflatables. I will give credit to this event attraction. Good quality bounce, tied in another piece of elementary nostalgia, four spots available to play with friends. This is what young inflatables aspire to be in their aging days.

Going forward, serious change needs to be made in the way that this college comes to decisions on their inflatable choices. We need to consider how many obstacles are needed to make an inflatable obstacle course, cohesiveness in choice of wet or dry inflatables, and overall inflatable quality. Maybe next year Frolics should go back to the roots and offer three simple bouncy houses until they can make more mature decisions. 

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