Sydney Fox

Staff Writer

This past Saturday evening, the women of Connor House hosted their 16th annual Bosom Buddies Gala to raise $117,000 for Friends for an Earlier Breast Cancer Test. The event ran for four hours that evening, and community members including faculty, staff, family members, and friends all attended.

The goal of the Bosom Buddies Gala each year is to raise money for Earlier, which is the only nonprofit organization in the U.S. solely focused on raising money for research to find a test that will detect breast cancer earlier. Connor House has partnered with this organization for the past sixteen years, and the house’s members have taken Earlier on as their main philanthropic cause to raise awareness for and support every year.

This year’s event consisted of a catered dinner, a keynote speaker, live and silent auctions, a raffle, and more. Connor House’s fundraising efforts, however, were not just limited to this event. Its members have been hosting different occasions throughout the school year to raise money and awareness for the Earlier organization, including t-shirt sales; Pink sporting events; fundraisers at restaurants, stores, and coffee shops nearby; and donations from friends and family.

Prior to last weekend’s event, Connor had raised $71,000 this school year. On Saturday night, the service chairs declared an additional $46,000 had been made, surpassing the goal of $100,000 raised this academic year.

Each April, Connor House selects two service chairs; these young women are in charge of overseeing all of the operations related to the Bosom Buddies Gala and additional fundraising events throughout the whole year. This year Carley Porter ‘16 and Katherine Kendall ‘16 rose to the challenge of such time-consuming yet rewarding jobs.

Kendall explained that her favorite part of the event each year is, “When I step into the Lily Gallery and see it all come together, understanding how much power one group of young women can have. When we really set our minds to it and work together, we can achieve so much, and I think that it’s such an inspiring moment. Seeing the combination of the hundreds of hours that people in Connor have put into this – that, for me, is the most rewarding aspect.”

Porter has also been heavily involved with Bosom Buddies in past years, serving as a committee chair before being elected as service chair. She recalls one of her most memorable moments: “When, during my sophomore spring, we got together in Lily and raised the money, and they announced the total, that feeling was so powerful – just looking around the room and seeing people that were moved to tears – because it’s so crazy how much money we raised, and so many people have been affected by this cause… So many girls in our house have had friends and relatives that were diagnosed.”

This event means so much and has impacted women. It’s just been an amazing experience from start to finish.” Porter feels similarly, exclaiming, “Being Service chair has taught me so many skills that I pride myself on. This year has been a test at times, but it has been the best thing that I have ever taken on.”

Both chairs give just as much credit to their service e-board for the successful event. Porter remarks, “We would be nowhere without our service E-Board. The people chosen for those spots are on the ball.” Kendall adds, “I have complete and total faith in our liaisons, and it would be a thousand times more stressful if it were not for and affected many different people. For Kendall, “Being a member of Connor and being service chair has been the single most rewarding and satisfying aspect of my Davidson experience. I have never felt so in awe of a group of women, so empowered and inspired by a group of young them.”

The event was an overall success, and all attendees seemed excited and passionate about supporting a good cause and celebrating Connor House’s commitment to funding research for Earlier