First-years to watch: Choral Arts Edition

Lucas Weals-

Every year, The Davidsonian’s Sports section runs a profile on a “Freshman to Watch”—a promising first-year student who’s got his or her team excited for the upcoming season. We thought we’d try something similar for student artists and musicians. In this, our first ever “First-years to watch,” you’ll meet three new members of the Davidson College Chorale.

Sarah Austin

Hometown: Memphis, TN

(Potential) Major: I’m deciding whether to go the Biology or the Humanities Route.

Music Scholarships: I’m a Plott music scholar; I sent in an audition tape last fall, and they asked me to come and audition in person this spring. I guess it went well, because here I am in Chorale and in the ensemble of Magic Flute.

Five-Year Goal: Not to sound cliché, but I hope that music continues to play a big part in my life. I hope to be able to perform in some capacity in the future, but for now I’m just excited to be here.

Favorite Artist: Because I love show tunes, one of my favorite composers is Alan Menken. I just really enjoy Disney songs!

Upcoming Performances: The Magic Flute, performing November 17-18 at 7:30 Tyler Tallman Performance Hall. Musical Theater voice recital over Parents’ Weekend.

Jack Lovelace

Hometown: Oakton, VA

(Potential) Major: Music.

Favorite Musical Decades: The 80’s, both 18- and 19-. In the 1880’s Tchaikovsky published Swan Lake and the last version of his Overture to Romeo and Juliet; in the 1980’s disco, rock, and pop combined, and Michael Jackson moonwalked.

Musical Origins: I started singing seriously in fourth grade, but I started playing piano when I was just four years old.

Favorite Musical Experience: I got to sing the Martini masterpiece “Domine, ad Adjuvandum Me” twice last year.

Upcoming performances: People can see me in Chorale concerts throughout the year, or performing with Collegium Musicum, a student-led group that performs early music, especially Madrigals from the Rennaisance and some Baroque music as well. Our big concert/dinner is in the spring.

Julia Knoerr

Hometown: Pasadena, CA

(Potential) Major: Political Science.

Musical Hero: I guess I would say Beyoncé, because she’s fearless and strong, and she produces amazing music.

Musical Origins: I started singing in the Los Angeles Children’s Chorus in third grade, and I also sang in my high school Glee Club and Madrigals group. I played piano and cello growing up as well.

Favorite Band: Imagine Dragons, because their music encompasses a variety of styles and always puts be in a good mood.

Upcoming Performances: You can come see me perform at Chorale concerts this year.

All three students will perform in their first
Chorale concert on October 20th at the
Davidson College Presbyterian Church.
You can catch them again on November
3rd in the Duke Family Performance Hall.

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