Your darn right it is!

Calling all campus social media post-ers, bloggers, Fit Tummy Tea sponsors and experimental Youtubers! The Career Center is looking for one more person to be a part of their “Influencing 101” panel. More and more frequently, our generation is steering away from traditional jobs with “benefits” and “salaried pay” that require “face to face contact.” Now, the most assured way of being promoted by a company is starting at ground zero––by joining a vlog squad. 

The Career Center has recognized this growing phenomenon and will be hosting a panel to educate juniors and seniors on their post-grad opportunities. Career Center advisor Dana Watson told The Yowl, “We are now shifting our focus from primitive job tracts such as Pre-Med and Pre-Law, and moving into the future with an emphasis on Influencing.”

The panel is to be held on October 24th in the 800 Room. Panelists that have already signed up include alumna Lucy Jackson ‘18, more commonly known to her 1.2 million followers as @lucy_flowers. Lucy is currently making more money per hour than any of her fellow graduates. “It’s pretty simple, just make sure you’re really hot and the sponsorships will just roll in. Also VSCO filter C23 is life,” Jackson explained to The Yowl. She concluded each sentence in her interview by throwing up a peace sign, a trademark of her instagram selfies. 

Current student Justin Mather ‘22 has developed a following of 56.7k followers on Twitter for his viral video sensation of weekly White Claw reviews. “I mean the way he just talks about that Black Cherry flavor, you have to admit he’s a comedic genius, man,” one of Mathers fellow SPE brothers noted in a Twitter reply. 

Watson mentioned that the Career Center’s biggest breakthrough in organizing the panel so far has been confirming the attendance of Catherine Sob. Sob was a contestant on season 19 of The Bachelor and is well known for her double-two-on-one date that ended in her being rushed to the hospital for dehydration. Watson explained she wanted students of a “certain GPA demographic” to know they have options. Options include being a contestant on a popular reality TV show and using that opportunity to launch an Influencing career. 

 The application for the final panelist includes a required listing of your social media following to follower ratio and a quantitative assessment analyzing what time of day will gain you the most likes. Applications are due next Friday to the Career Center.