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Loyalties Questioned As Hardee’s CEO Seen Pocketing Leftover Chick-fil-A Nuggets After YAF Event

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900 ROOM –– Shockwaves reverberated across the American fast-food industry on Monday as Anthony Popper, former CEO of the middling restaurant chain Hardee’s, was seen shoveling large quantities of leftover Chick-fil-A nuggets into his inner suit jacket pockets following a speaking engagement hosted by the Davidson College chapter of YoungRead More

Student Mesmerized By Sublimity of Carrigan  Farms Waterfall Probably Needs to Get Out More

Student Mesmerized By Sublimity of Carrigan Farms Waterfall Probably Needs to Get Out More

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E.H. LITTLE LIBRARY –– Uproarious laughter quickly turned to unsettling concern this past Tuesday on the first floor of the library as the friends of Pete Danderson ‘20 realized that their classmate was not joking in the slightest when he spoke of how excited he was to attend an EatingRead More

Decision Davidson LUXury Package to Offer Extravagant Overnight Experience for Prospective Students

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DAVIDSON, NC –– In an astonishing measure described by one official as an effort to “stay ahead of the curve” and “continue to attract the best and brightest,” Davidson College’s Office of Admissions & Financial Aid announced Monday that prospective members of the Class of 2023 will, for the firstRead More

Area Deities: In Landmark Policy Change, April Snow to Bring May’s Sunny Glow this Spring

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THE HEAVENS –– In a momentous declaration relayed to local officials by the messenger spirit Mercurius, the Council of Supreme Deities’ Subcommittee on Wind, Weather, and Worldwide Precipitation Patterns proclaimed that the atmospheric forces that drive Davidson’s climate will no longer be set to their normal setting of ‘April ShowersRead More

RLO to Consider Using Buzzfeed Quizzes To Pair Roommates

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CHAMBERS 3068 –– At last Thursday’s sparsely attended SGA meeting, Davidson’s Residence Life Office announced that it is considering a partnership with Buzzfeed aimed at developing a more effective system for pairing incoming first years with their roommates. Citing problems with the ever-controversial Myers-Briggs test, Area Coordinator Heather Harris explainedRead More