NCAA Scholarship Rule Puts Davidson at Disadvantage

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Sam Thomas ‘20 Sports editor  As an institution, Davidson will always have to balance the cost that Division I athletics incur on the college’s reputation for competitive academics and vice-versa. Though President Carol Quillen and Athletic Director Chris Clunie ‘06 have repeatedly voiced that the two can co-exist, there areRead More

Davidson men’s basketball scrimmages in preparation for a competitive season. Photo by Emma Brentjens ‘21

David[son] Poised to Slay Goliath: Men’s Basketball

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Deen Haleem ‘21 Men’s basketball correspondent Every basketball team has an identity. The Golden State Warriors are a Hydra: ferocious, killer from range, and able to bring in two heads for every one you cut off. The Duke Blue Devils are Goliath: big, skilled, and powerful as can be. Davidson?Read More

McNair Case Reveals Institutional Failure

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Sam Thomas ‘20 Sports editor Jordan McNair, a freshman offensive lineman on the University of Maryland, College Park, football team, died of heatstroke on June 13, 2018, after collapsing in the midst of practice two weeks earlier. McNair had shown visible signs of exhaustion through sprints and his teammates hadRead More

Davidson played Stetson University on 11/2. Stetson triumphed 56-53.

Football Report 11/2/18

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Jacob Margolis ’20 Football correspondent  On Saturday, the Davidson football suffered its third straight heartbreaking loss when they lost to Stetson 56-53 at home. The game was close the entire way as the two teams were never separated by more than 11 points; Stetson had to engineer a late touchdownRead More

Mason Rooney ‘19 has been one of the nation’s best during her career at Davidson. Photos courtesy of Tim Cowie,

Salute to Seniors: Volleyball’s Mason Rooney

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Lizzie Kane ‘22 Staff writer Georgia native, six feet two inches, jersey number 13, captain her junior and senior years, Mason Rooney ’19 is a major contributor to Davidson’s Division 1 (D1) volleyball team. Rooney started playing volleyball in eighth grade, joining a club team that same year. Her positionsRead More