Suspending the Normal

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Madeleine Henner- On Monday, February 8, 2016 at 10:33pm, I was studying in the Davidsoniana Room when I received an invitation from Paul Brennan ‘18 to join his class “Metalinguistics and Children’s Literature: A Seminar on Amelia Bedelia,” complete with a request to post on Moodle about the assigned reading.Read More

Decreasing the Distance: Davidson and West Charlotte

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Bethany Kirkpatrick- Last week, West Charlotte High School students asked if we could do a Q&A about college and college readiness, and frankly I still wish we’d had more time for their questions. They asked about time management, choosing a major, changing cultures, and balancing the demands of being aRead More

Letter to First-Year Men Re: Spring Semester Isolation

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Nick Johnson- To any first years who’ve recently felt isolated: While reading Kenzie Bell’s ’20 article about Self-Selection, I was drawn back to a few moments from my first year. Sure, the first experience I remembered was being jolted awake to screams on the floor below as girls were whiskedRead More

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Basic Painting: A Lesson in Persistence

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Haley Jobe- As a prospective Davidson student, I loved hearing about the once-in-a-lifetime opportunities students could pursue once on campus. Some students study the effects of Hookah smoke in a research lab, others build eye-marveling sculptures in the VAC, and a few students even have the opportunity to travel theRead More

Race, Power, and Institutional Memory in College Admissions

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Margaret Parker & Julia Tayloe- As the spring semester warms up and we immerse ourselves in campus life once again, most of us will give little thought to the college decision process that current high-school seniors are navigating. In less than two months, many members of Davidson’s Class of 2022Read More