Cherish charity and justice

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Emily Taylor During my first two years here at Davidson, I volunteered weekly at a local therapeutic riding center that provided services to those suffering from traumatic brain injuries (TBI’s).   I loved working with the horses and giving back to my new community.  By the end of my sophomore year,Read More

Re-thinking the system

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Erin Davenport   Ms. Eric” “No. Ms. Erin. E-ri-nnnnn” I repeat, stressing the tricky last syllable. My pupil struggles to repeat the sounds, and ultimately fails, my Irish name sounding foreign and forced to his well-intentioned lips. I don’t correct him this time. Punctuation. No, not a period, a questionRead More

Back on campus with familiar feelings, new mission

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Brian Helfrich   Ten years ago I moved into Tomlinson 301, and it feels like I’m back. My roommates need spontaneous naps, fall asleep with their clothes on, and often eat things they shouldn’t. The only difference is that Lewis and Doug have been replaced by my two infants, andRead More