Hotline Facilitates Reporting

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AJ Naddaff ‘19 & Emma Pettit ‘20 Co-news editors On Wednesday, October 10th, students, faculty, and staff received an email regarding the “whistleblower policy,” which provides a hotline for anyone to anonymously report inappropriate activity concerning “suspected violations of college policies” of a fellow community member. The same email isRead More

Davidson Welcomes “Body Project” to Campus

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Betsy Sugar ‘21 Staff writer According to a recent study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, part of the US Department of Health and Human Services, 13.5% of undergraduate women in college are struggling with an eating disorder, a category that includes anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating. In addition,Read More

A growing number of students spend their Sunday mornings somewhere other than church. Illustration by Richard Farrell

Recalibrating Religion

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Jack Dowell ‘21 Staff writer Over a century after Davidson’s Presbyterian founding, the office of the President is still restricted to Presbyterians, and the Board of Trustees only waived a requirement that all members be Christian thirteen years ago (two donors, John Belk ‘43 and Stephen Smith ‘66, stepped downRead More

SGA Chief Innovation Officer Jack Shumway ‘19 aggregates student calendars in his new academic heat map, a project he has been developing over the course of several months. Photo by Emma Brentjens ‘21

SGA, CIO Aim to Improve Student Schedules with “Heat Map”

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Harris Rogers ‘21 Staff writer It is no secret that Davidson students often struggle with a hefty workload. Whether it is a rigorous academic schedule, club involvement, or athletics, day planners at Davidson are often filled. It can be difficult for students to find time to attend the many activitiesRead More

Theresa Allen manages produce and student workers at the Farm at Davidson. Photo by Elayna Daniels ‘21

The Farm at Davidson: A Living Laboratory for Students

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Alyssa Tirrell ‘22 Staff writer In the last decade, farms have become increasingly popular at colleges and universities around the United States. Many institutions, including Davidson, were originally modeled to include required labor on the school farms and are returning to their roots with the help of environmentalism and organicRead More