Living Davidson

From L to R: Sophie McHugh ‘18, Ashley Behnke ‘19, Lucas Weals ‘19, Sam Giberga ‘19, and Niara Webb ‘20. 
Photo by Chris Record (courtesy of College Communications).

Davidson Theatre Turns Melancholy into Laughter

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Katie Walsh- I came to Melancholy Play ready to feel sad—to feel, rather, pretty melancholy. That’s simple, right? You hear a play is called the “Melancholy Play” and you’re ready, as an audience member, to be emotionally distraught (or at least to seem emotionally distraught if that’s the general ethosRead More

“Untitled (Double Warriors)” (detail), by Jen Ray. (Photograph ©DAG and printed with permission)

Jen Ray’s Surrounded by Wolves: Reviewed

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Lucas Weals & Isabelle Sakelaris- If there is a primal scene behind Jen Ray’s Surrounded by Wolves, currently on display in the VAC’s Van Every gallery, it’s at a circus in Glasgow. A woman, skin painted brown with ochre and hair covered by a black wig, lies reclined in aRead More

George Saunders met with students in the Alumni House Sunroom 
Photo courtesy of Chris Record

On Bowling Pins and Keeping One’s Head Out of One’s Ass: An Evening with George Saunders

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Thomas Waddill- Upon learning that I’ve been invited to a Q&A session with Conarroe Lecturer George Saunders, my roommate Matt alerts me to a line that Saunders wrote in his 2015 New Yorker article, “My Writing Education: A Time Line,” in which Saunders tells us that, in 1986, “Doug [Unger]Read More

Face (unknown date, 2017) by Scotty Poston ‘18. Printed with permission of the artist.

“The Developing Process”: Scotty Poston ‘18 talks photography

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Lucas Weals- This week I sat down at Brickhouse with Scotty Poston ‘18 to talk about his love of photography, approaching art outside of Davidson’s academics, and skateboarding. He is wearing a windbreaker with purple cuffs and sipping on a bottle of Rolling Rock. The transcript is lightly edited forRead More

The Miracle of the Slave (The Miracle of St. Mark), Jacopo Tintoretto (1548: Gallerie dell’Academie).

Reflections on Experiencing Art in Person

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Isabelle Sakelaris- There’s an old story: Jacapo Tintoretto, a Venetian painter, sat in the Scuola di San Marco for hours watching the light pass over the wall. He structured his painting based on his observations, so that light would hit crucial points in the painting at certain times of theRead More