Time for Yowl puzzle of the week. As graduation draws near, seniors turn to Facebook to plea for participates in their concluding acedmic endevours.See if you can match the following seniors to the correct demographic they searched for on the Davidson College 2018-2019 Facebook group page. If you do not match all seven correctly, every senior listed fails. Answers will be revealed never and winners will be given VIP access to Webtree Cheat Codes.

1. Brad Jennings: Music Theory major from Long Island with a special interest in fire safety.

2. Sarah Habash: created her own major (Female Health Studies in 19th Century Germany) with this specific survey in mind.

3. Nicholas Spare: a Sociology major that spends a specious amount of time in Nummit without ever purchasing coffee. 

4.George Bob: Political Science major and Woah! His Facebook profile picture is him with the govenor of North Carolina. How Legit!

5.Emily Vole: History major who is need of a glass of wine, some pizza, a nap and for you to complete this qucik 5 minute survey!

6.Micheal Selva: Yikes! ThisAnthropology major posted his survey request at 3 in the morning and will close the survey at 8 P.M. of the same day.

7. Summer Crawford: Psychology major who transferred here her sophomore year. Participants in this survey win a $25 giftcard to her dad’s restaurant in New York.

A. Participants in this study must be ages 25-40, have a masters in Education, love the Beatles and held their wedding in the American West.

B. This senior is looking for all the guys who use to work in your dad’s office.

C. Survey participants should be Sophomores that go to public unversities with student populations that range from 2,000 to 3,000 , 5,050 to 7,000 and 31,000 to 32,000. Participants must also pass an online drug test. 

D.Calling all basketball fans who enjoy listening to Fleetwood Mac while eating peanut butter on Sundays. YOUR VOICE IS NEEDED!

E. Interesting, this survey just seems like a desperate facade by a rising junior to find a cluster to fill their Tommy Pod. (srsly, plz respond soon). 

F. In search of male college students who are the youngest child in their family, did theatre in high school and have volunteered for a political campaign in the past six months. 

E. Literally anyone who has ever breathed just click this