BREAKING: Numerous High-Profile Actors from Classic 80s and 90s Sitcoms Applied to Become “Davidson Game Changers” over the Past Decade

The college admissions scandal that has sent shockwaves throughout the country, while certainly wide in its scope, was believed to be confined to only a few postsecondary institutions around the country––that is, until now. A recent investigation by The Yowl reveals that several high-profile actors and actresses from iconic 1980s and 90s sitcoms have applied to become “Davidson Game Changers” over the past decade. These applications, albeit all unsuccessful ones, suggest that Full House’s Lori Loughlin (Aunt Becky) was just one of many beloved stars to attempt to undermine the integrity of college admissions processes throughout America. Davidson College has swiftly rejected the sinister attempts of numerous such high-profile fraudsters. Here are their stories. David Schwimmer (Ross, Friends) ––

Schwimmer applied to be a Game Changer back in 2009 when his son Ben was applying for the Class of 2014. Said Schwimmer, “All I wanted to show Davidson College is that I would be there for you. I would never go on a break with this fine establishment. And if my son also got in, is that really the worst thing in the world?”

Arnold Perlstein (Arnie, Magic School Bus)––

Arnie tried to apply to Davidson back in 2001. The child actor was unaware that all of the field trips he attended were all within a Hollywood studio set and did not actually bolster his application. In a desperate attempt to redeem himself and prove that he was as intelligent as the character he portrayed, he attempted to make a considerable donation to the Game Changers Campaign.

Tiffani  Thiessan (Kelly Kapowski, Saved By The Bell) ––

When Tiffani’s Saved By the Bell co-star Mario Lopez made an attempt to go back to school in 2005, application records in her name were found. Tiffani claimed many Hollywood actors go without education and wanted to improve her colleague’s life. “It is so sad to watch one of your best friends become a host of TMZ, I really just want better things for him”.

Ted Danson (Sam Malone, Cheers) ––

Danson made attempted to become a Game Changer when his grandson Kyle applied in 2012. Danson stated that he “Just wanted Kyle to go to a school where everybody knows his name.” While his money sure would have helped a lot, his ploy was detected and his application dismissed.

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