“When asked about his four year experience abroad, Labeouf simply responded, ‘huh?’. A very humble response from such an amazing student.”

Davidson College has always been known for setting the standard for the true liberal arts experience, and in this coming spring semester Mark LaBeouf ‘16 will have exemplified this by spending his last eight semesters at Davidson abroad. This record-setting achievement can be credited to Davidson’s strong initiative to sending its students abroad to experience new cultures and languages in faraway countries. LaBeouf has taken this desire to become more cultured to heart, even opting out of attending freshmen orientation to attend the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom.

After his acceptance to Davidson College, the admissions staff said it was against Davidson policy to study abroad his first semester and that he would not be allowed to attend if he did so, but that didn’t stop Davidson’s budding inner world traveler. He put his classic Davidson never-quit attitude to work and went ahead to apply for an abroad program in England. Even though he spent most of study abroad experience at the University of Oxford, he did study in Italy during his junior year.

LaBeouf is truly representative of the tenacity and worldly nature of Davidson students. In some interviews with his fellow classmates, they were dumbfounded that he was about to accomplish such a monumental achievement. Some of the responses included, “Who?” and “I’ve never heard of him.” It’s almost as if LaBeouf never even attended the college. In an effort to delve into the mind of LaBeouf, we contacted him to ask what he thought of being the first student to spend every semester abroad. LaBeouf simply responded,

“Huh? I never went to Davidson.” A very humble response from such an amazing student.

For LaBeouf ’s outstanding accomplishments, he was recently initiated into the Davidson “Game Changers” program. In an interview with Dean Shandley about this decision, he explained, “I’m pretty sure we don’t allow students that don’t attend the college to be a part of that program.” What fun, to see even the Dean crack a joke about Labeouf ’s never having set foot on campus.

We at the Yowl are very excited to see what Lebeouf has in store for the future, and we look forward to the the end of this academic year, where he is expected to not only receive his diploma from President Quillen, but also take his first steps on the actual campus