by On Purpose ’21

Photo Illustration for “A Cry for Help: Oops! Hijacks Union Board Trivia in Hopes for Attention

Oops! They’ve done it again. An evening of Zoom trivia took an interesting turn when the campus “comedy” troupe Oops! coerced a member into helping them take a whole Zoom room hostage. Muted onlookers could do nothing but watch helplessly as they were trapped on the call for the remainder of the hour, horrified by the drinking jokes and furry apologism.

A Davidson Senior and Oops! member tells us, “We just thought nobody else would have anything going on. Why not spend the evening trying to answer questions about our inside jokes? There’s nothing quite like rows of bored faces as an audience to make you feel paid attention to.” It was a record turnout for the comedy group, with at least ten people on the call. Reports of one pity laugh have been abound.

We spoke to an attendee of the trivia-turned-Oops! performance, who described the event by asking us to picture ourselves there. “It’s 8:45 pm on a Wednesday night. You and your friends are preparing for one of the only fun events that happens on campus: UB Zoom Trivia. Now imagine that scenario, except replace ‘Trivia’ with ‘Hostile Takeover by Oops!’ and replace ‘fun’ with ‘not fun at all because they monopolized the entire experience.’” The attendee wished to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation in the form of having to speak to someone in Oops!, but they did tell us that plans for an anti-Oops! trivia are in the works. Questions will reportedly include:

  1. How many drinks does it take to make Oops! funny? (420)
  2. Will you be at the Oops! show on Thursday? (again? we don’t have it in us)
  3. Who remembers when Oops! tried to create a ‘Davidson poops’ account? (we do)
  4. Would you rather join Oops! or every IFC frat? (Rush KA)

Luckily the evening, which could have quickly turned into a hostage situation, ended bloodlessly. “I was careful not to make any sudden movements –I didn’t want to scare them into changing their minds and never freeing us,” our source told us of their slow move towards the “Leave Meeting” button. The Oops! members refrained from making good on their threats to “lay down the law,” and everyone was able to make their way away from Zoom with no permanent harm done.  

The Yowl is the satire section of the Davidsonian, therefore any and all information in these articles should be taken as fiction and not real.