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College’s Center for Interdisciplinary Studies Transitions Leadership, Increases Student Enrollment in Program

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By: Emma Brentjens ’21 Staff Writer Davidson’s Center for Interdisciplinary Studies (CIS) allows students and faculty to study fields that are not offered as majors by the college. Some center-established majors include Arab Studies, Communication Studies, Genomics, Global Literary Theory, Neuroscience, and Russian Studies [1]. Students can also design theirRead More

Werewolves’ Bi-Annual Emergence from Base Libs Reported around 4:02:07 A.M. EST

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Reported sightings of delirious students-turned-werewolves emerging from Base Libs are under investigation by the Town of Davidson police. Town officials say that the unbearable pressures of final exams, coupled with the toxic and oxygen-deprived environment of Base Libs, have triggered staggering chemical imbalances in the student body. Recent findings by local forensics experts includeRead More