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The End of the Madness

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By: Nathan Marder ’18 Sports Writer The madness is officially over. The college basketball season came to an end last Monday as Villanova defeated Michigan 79-62: a result that came as no surprise for most college basketball fans. Michigan led by as many as 7 points in the early minutesRead More

Clint Smith '10 participates in Professor Parker's Contemporary Poetry class. Photo courtesy of Davidson College Instagram.

“Between art and protest”: On the Poetry of Clint Smith ’10

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Thomas Waddill ’19 & Lucas Weals ’19 It’s difficult to quote Clint Smith ‘10 briefly. A doctoral candidate in Education at Harvard, Smith speaks with an unabashed maximalism—multiple subordinated clauses, chains of coordinating conjunctions, a frankly heroic reluctance to end a thought with a full stop. While Smith sat inRead More

Reynolds Lecture Author Colson Whitehead

Some Reflections on a Dissonant Evening with Colson Whitehead

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By: Thomas Waddill ’19 Memory is political. Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan has made that clear in the last few years. “And when was it great?” we ask. During the days of our slave-holding founding fathers? The days when women didn’t have the franchise? Vietnam? The Reagan years, whenRead More