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Harris Teeter, #Don’tHidePlanB

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By: Kristen Sands ’18 We all know and love Anthony Foxx, Clint Smith, Steph Curry and other high-achieving past Davidson students and alumni. But have you heard of Dr. James Trussell? Dr. Trussell ‘71 was an essential contributor to the development of the emergency contraceptive pill. Emergency contraceptive pills –Read More

Coach Bob McKillop led Davidson to the A-10 Championship during a tough year for college basketball, as other schools across the nation faced FBI investigations into their programs. Photo by Mitchell Leff (Atlantic 10 Conference Facebook page)

Wildcats’ Basketball Coaches, Players Reflect on State of Division I Basketball Amid NCAA Probe

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By: Olive Daniels ’19 Co-Editor in Chief Will the FBI be probing Davidson’s athletic department anytime soon, searching for signs of NCAA rule violation? Probably not. The University of Arizona, however, is on edge; as are North Carolina State University, the University of Kentucky, and the University of Louisville [1,Read More

A Lesson in Rejection

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By: Erin Golden ’18 Goldman Sachs receives around 250,000 applications per year for jobs and internships, and only 2% of the original candidate pool will receive an offer. It is considered by many to be the most prestigious company to ever work for because it is a gateway to someRead More

local newspaper editor’s computer’s shift key suddenly stops working

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according to a recent study published by the experts on household typing (the eht), the most frequently used key on the key board is the shift key. the eht initially published this study on twitter on their account ‘2theeht’. ‘have you ever wondered which of your keys are truly worseRead More

In the final weeks of the semester, Davidson's across team looks to their last few games with anticipation. Photo by Tim Cowie.

Davidson Lacrosse Puts the Atlantic 10 on Notice

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  By: Sam Thomas ’20 Sports Editor Huge strides have been made this off-season for the women’s lacrosse team. After last year’s disappointing regular season, the ‘Cats are back on track with a 7-5 record and making huge strides into the latter half of their 2018 season. Seeing as theyRead More