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Local Dog Has Had Enough of Your Emotional Codependency, Report Shows

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All around campus Davidson’s dogs, pupperinos, wuff-wuffs, tail-chasers, and bone-buddies alike are beloved creatures, offering a respite for the stressed student body. Yet the age old question- “do these furry friends love us back?”- has remained unanswered due to the limitations of modern science. However, thanks to a recent groundbreakingRead More

Sierra Ponthier '18 was announced last week as Davidson's 2018 Watson Fellow. Photo by Erin Gross '18

Watson Fellowship Announces 2018 Davidson Recipient

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By: Matthew Singleton ’21 Staff Writer Davidson College asserts that its primary purpose is to “assist students in developing humane instincts and disciplined and creative minds for lives of leadership and service.” The college’s continued sponsorship and support of the Thomas J. Watson Fellowship is one of the many waysRead More

Anna Catharine Feaster '18 has been one of the most dominant players in the Atlantic-10 for the entirety of her collegiate career. Courtesy of Jane Campbell.

Davidson Tips Cap to Anna Catharine Feaster

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By: Jake Carver ’21 Sports Writer Since her 2014 debut, Anna Catharine Feaster ‘18 has been a star on the Davidson women’s tennis team. The senior is currently leading the ‘Cats through their strongest season since her first year, and they are in prime position to make a deep runRead More

With the launch of a free trial period, Mobiles have been a common sight over campus during the past week. Photo by Elayna Daniels '21

Davidson Launches New Mobike Service on Campus

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By: Mary Margaret Robison ’21 Staff Writer Davidson is taking sustainability on campus to new heights this spring, bringing Mobikes to campus to aid student transportation while also staying green. Mobike, started in China in 2015, is a stationless bike sharing system that has been sweeping through urban areas inRead More

“It’s Okay To Be White” After Stephon Clark

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By: Evan Yi ’18 When I first saw the “it’s okay to be white” stickers, I was mildly ticked, then continued on to my professor’s office hours. I was unsurprised at their arrival on campus, given what this college and campus has been and has done for centuries. After readingRead More