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Davidson's archivists are excited to open the Archives to more students for research and general curiosity. Photo by Erin Gross '18

Students Engage with Archives to Further Research Projects

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Lucy Walton- Davidson’s archivists are excited to open the Archives to more students for research and general curiosity. Photo by Erin Gross ’18 On the second floor of the E.H. Little Library, college archivists Sharon Bird, Jessica Cottle, and DebbieLee Landi work to preserve the college’s history in the SmithRead More

Trends show that student printing has slowly decreased since the 2009-2010 academic year. it is important to note that "sheets" refers to sheets of paper, and pages could be printed double-sided (e.g. one sheet printed double-sided would be 2 pages). Data for 2011-2012 was not available. Data courtesy of ITS, graphic by Steffaney Wood

College to Landfill: Resource Management and Waste

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Steffaney Wood- The increasing size of the student body affects the generation of waste and use of resources by the college as a whole—an aspect that has not gone unrecognized by students, faculty, and staff alike. This semester, there exist a variety of sustainability efforts focused on waste. Notably, theRead More

Sam Bock ‘21 and Hannah Lieberman ‘18 share an intimate moment as Brad and Janet. Photo by Katie Walsh ‘20

Decidedly Dirty, Dastardly Good: Rocky Horror Is a Smash Hit

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Katie Walsh- After I heard Rocky Horror Picture Show was to be performed at Davidson, I waited, to quote Dr. Frank-N-Furter, in excited antici———pation to attend. Rocky Horror was that musical growing up. If you were a theater kid, it was the show everyone wanted to do in high school,Read More

Photo of Javier courtesy of Jonathan Sheperd-Smith

No Man Is An Island: An Unlikely Friendship

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Jonathan Sheperd-Smith When I first met my roommate Javier this summer at the Ford School of Public Policy, there were a multitude of reasons for us to have said our introductions and never have another meaningful interaction. As far as we were concerned, we were from different planets; Javier,  aRead More

Some students rely on the Union Station for a late-night pick-me-up
Photo by Erin Gross

The Union Station: A Murder Mystery

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Lucas Weals- Death is a meme. On Facebook we mourned Prince and David Bowie, though their heydays long preceded us. We tweeted our tears and outrage for Harambe, Cincinatti’s late Great Ape, almost anonymous before his senseless death. Now we lament the passing of the Union Station, and all theRead More