This week, Webtree closes and spring schedules will be released. All over campus, various friend groups will have to listen to that -one- friend who either waits until the last minute to submit Webtree, or complains that they “get screwed by Webtree every semester” (even when getting their top choices). The Yowl would look to offer some alternative topics to rant about this week, because seriously, no one gives a shit about your desperate plea on the Facebook page. 

1.When you swipe your cat card literally every way and the door still won’t open  

2.When NC goes from 65 degrees to 35 degrees in one day 

3.When you walk all the way down a hallway in Wall to get a study room, but there’s one person in it on their phone 

4.  Belk Dorm  

5. When nice-dressing high schoolers in tour groups make you feel bad for wearing sweatpants to class

6. Locking yourself out of room while you shower and having to walk to RLO in a bathrobe  

7. When someone calls it “the Union” instead of just “union” 

8. Having to change your password every 60 days, especially once you’ve drawn a special connection to your current password

9.The squirrels on campus

10. The state of Florida

11. People who claim to like salad 

12. People who repeat themselves 

12. People who repeat themselves

13. James Franco 

14. Catcher In the Rye 

15. When people don’t bless you after you sneeze

16. When you’re arguing with someone and their point actually starts to make sense, but you need to maintain consistency so you continue arguing a point that is completely incorrect 

17. Any fish option at any fast food restaurant (specifically the restaurant captain D’s – who eats there???) 

18. A fruit option on a dessert menu/people who eat fruit and call it dessert 

19.The double doors in the the library bathrooms

20.Duo push notifications

21.Common’s (rubber) lettuce

22.The Union Kiosks that are always out of paper

23.Lux’s stranglehold on the Davidson mascot scene

24.The sound the machine makes when you swipe your CatCard at Baker

25.People that go straight from Halloween to Christmas and skip Thanksgiving celebrations

26.The lack of crossword puzzles in the Davidsonian

27.When there are more than two fonts or colors in email

28.The lack of ice rinks in Mecklenburg County (for our northern readers).