10 Things on Campus You Can Pretend Are Holiday Themed

Feeling guilty about not decorating your dorm room? Facing constant badgering from your mom about how you aren’t as cheery at Christmas time as you use to be? Just need some minimal uplifting about the impending doom that your GPA is facing? Here is a list of 10 things on campus that you can delude yourself into thinking are festive holiday items!

1. Evergreen Tree Outside Your Window

Still waiting for that vibrant green tree outside your hall window to fade into crisp fall colors? Yearning for that nice autumn aesthetic? Too bad! That evergreen tree is a Christmas Tree and that sage tint is here to stay!

2. Union Soda Cups

Happy Holidays Union Users! Commonly mistaken as a symbol of Wildcat pride, the Union soda cups are actually in tune with the Starbucks Holiday Cup campaign.

3. Hance Auditorium

That big ass dome at the top of Chambers? Spoiler alert! That’s a big ass Christmas ornament.

4. Campus Post Office

Good news! This is not just a place to pick up your mail! The post office is secretly a regional satellite outpost of Santa’s Workshop. Wonder where all those gifts you ordered for your family’s Christmas party are? They’ll arrive on campus on December 26th!

5. Red Sweater Draped Over Your Desk Chair

Okay sure, you didn’t get around to decorating your dorm room. (Are we sure that’s a warranted thing to do in the first place?) Regardless, the way that crimson cardigan has just hung there for the past three weeks is enough to get the grumpiest Scrooge in the holiday mood.

6. Dying Succulent on Your Friend’s Window Sill

There is only one thing stopping you from realizing that browning cactus is just one step away from mistletoe – and that is your ability to detach yourself from reality.

7. Cinnamon-Scented Air Freshener in your Uber

Smells just like the cookies grandma used to make, right?. Except plastic and having been dried out for 6 months.

8. First Years

Are we sure those aren’t elves?

9. The Large “F” Written in Red on Your Last Paper

Your professor is a HUGE Seinfeld fan and that F is obviously just a reference to his favorite holiday “F”estivus! As long as that is what you believe, then it must be true!

10. Old Man Library

Not sure about you, but I’ve never seen Old Man Library and Santa in the same room. Just connecting the dots here. Stay woke this holiday season, kiddos.

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