Fiona Stanton

Old Business

Food & Housing Presentation

Housing /RLO

  • Members met with Walter Snipes (sustainability council)
  • More trash cans and recycling bins in residences
  • Accountability programs for cleaning in common rooms 
    • Rather than fridges being taken away…
  • Kitchen supplies
  • Transparency
    • List of where room and board money goes (requested)
    • Off-campus housing
      • Perspective article (Nilay)
      • Paying a fine to live off campus
  • RLO makes money and is dispersed among other departments in davidson
  • Members are asking
    • Why have a grey area — not on the record

Food & Dining

  • Diversity of food and authenticity 
    • Submit family recipes
  • Nutrition
    • Town discounts at healthier establishments
      • Ice house
      • Carburritos
      • Toast
      • Pickled peach
  • Union
    • Order on phone with catcard number
    • Breakfast at Late Night (sometimes)
  • Better Advertising for late night at Nummitt

The Gathering 

  • New counselor — Lisa
    • Old counselor relocating
  • Hour of processing, 30 min restorative yoga

Fall Fling

New Business

ATC Fall Allocation


Voter Data

  • High registration rate of 81 % in 2018
  • Voting rate in 2018 is 37% 
    • Less than other small liberal arts colleges